Friday, October 10, 2014

Comes the Night review part 1

Comes the Night (Out of Darkness #2) by Cathy Marlowe

 The truest loves can't be forgotten... 

What should have been a romantic evening quickly turns into a nightmare for Lizzie Weston when her husband, Zach, and their infant son disappear. Convinced that her husband would never desert her or her daughter, Lizzie is certain they've been abducted. But with with $1 million missing from their security firm and a note from her husband, the police aren't so sure... 

Heartbroken and terrified, Lizzie is determined to move heaven and earth to find her husband and son, and bring them home. But it's only when Lizzie follows up on an anonymous tip that she finds herself thrown into a chaotic plot filled with subterfuge and manipulation...and the madness of one man. Now she'll have to fight not just to find her family, but to keep them alive. And in order to save her family, Lizzie must rely on a love that's stronger than memory

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My Review part 1

Four days ago I received a review copy of Comes The Night by Cathy Marlowe, but because UNI started just few days ago I couldn't finish the book in time so I will write the review in two parts. 

I'm currently on 174th page which is kind of a cliffhanger of what is happening in the book right now. 

First I have to say that I love this book. It's interesting and for me is kind of unique, cause I didn't read any other book with a similar theme. I'm very curious what will happen next and that only means that the book is good, really good. 

At the beginning and throughout the book character Zach is very loving and kind even though his dad is self centered-awful guy. I don't know (yet) why he kidnapped his son and grandson, but I'm eager to find out the deeper meaning to all of this. 

The only thing that is bothering me are the names. Zach is also Thomas and Lizzie is Maggie or Elizabeth and Daniel is Alistair/Ace and so on. I know it’s crucial to the story but it is also a little confusing at times. 

I feel bad for Lizzie, she is a very strong person and she would do anything for her family, but unfortunately her family is falling apart. Her husband Zach/Thomas doesn't have any memory of their time being married, her daughter from the first marriage is kidnapped and her son is also under control of Alistair.

Just like I said I'm in the middle of the book and I need to find out what will happen next so I can review the whole book!

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